Teaching Comes Alive Outside Podcast

I'm on a journey to help parents and educators to connect their kids and classrooms to nature! Follow along as I navigate this journey of bringing learning outdoors and nature to our classrooms!

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Episode 1

What Is All The Buzz About Outdoor Learning?

Get to know Elizabeth and why Outdoor Learning is her jam. EEEK!  This is my first episode!  I am going to tell you a little bit about myself, my outdoor classroom, and talk about the buzz about outdoor learning and how the research is confirming that outdoor learning is AMAZING for our kids! 

Episode 2

3 Easy Ways To Get Outside To Learn

 There are many levels of outdoor learning & there is a level for everyone. So pick out what you like from my list and tweak it to make it work for you. There is no one way, but I will give you my tips for how I make it work & where to start.

Episode 3

5 Easy Ways to Create an Outdoor Learning Space

 I share easy ideas you can create today and for any budget. Every space offers something so you can get outside either in your back yard, balcony, outside your classroom, or somewhere in between with today's tips you can get outside and learn!!!

Episode 4

Let Kids Get Dirty To Keep Them Healthy

When given the choice, kids will jump in puddles almost every time.  I'll break down the science supporting that dirt helps keep us healthy. The healthy side effects of kids getting out and getting dirty at school and at home.

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