Elizabeth's Favorite Things!

 I have tested and tried many items in my outdoor learning journey to  creating a calmer, happier, and more effective classroom!  Here are my favorite things that have helped! Check out the links below to my favorite...

  • Gear
  • Resources
  • Classroom Finds
  • Essential Oils & Supplies


Favorite Gear

Tried and tested gear for outdoor learning!

My Favs

Favorite Resources

Here are my top books and resources for continued learning!

My Favs

 Classroom Finds

A calm and peaceful classroom space is 3rd teacher. Here are some of my favorites!

My Favs

Favorite Essential Oils & Supplies

Essential Oils and wellness products are a huge part of creating a calm and healthy classroom.

My Favs
Lets Get Started!

He wants to go back to school so badly and see his friends and teachers.  His love of school is 100% attributed to the excitement in learning that you all provided.  Thank you so much for everything."

-Outdoor Learning Parent

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