Start Outdoor Learning With Your Class

So that you can stop feeling burnt out

& start bringing JOY back to your teaching


Grab Your Outdoor Learning Blueprint

I help teachers create a calmer, happier, and more effective classroom by incorporating nature and outdoor learning. I share what I did to restore my joy in teaching!

Create Calmer More Joyful Classrooms

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Outdoor Learning Blueprint

The secret to creating calmer and more joyful classroom is by incorporating nature and outdoor learning. This program shares what I have found, tried, and tested to help other educators restore their joy in teaching!

You will learn how to:

  • Create a calmer and less stressed class
  • Find a renewed excitement for teaching again
  • Tried and true ways to get outside with your class
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What's included: 

Video Modules

You will get 6 self- paced video modules that walk you through how to bring nature and outdoor learning to your classroom.

Printable Workbook

A printable and practical guide that will help you put the information into action in your classroom.

Facebook Community

A safe place to ask questions, learn more, and receive more support throughout year.


Printable and ready to use resources to help you incorporate nature and outdoor learning right away!

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He wants to go back to school so badly and see his friends and teachers.  His love of school is 100% attributed to the excitement in learning that you all provided.  Thank you so much for everything."

-Outdoor Learning Parent